Dr Cangas


Thanks for checking out our page and for coming to find out more about me!  I want to start by saying my approach to medicine is ever-evolving.  This new practice comes as a result of a constant willingness and eagerness to learn and grow as a person and as a physician.  While I will always believe there is a place  for medicine , and I feel that vaccines are both safe (and by safe, I do not mean without side effects) and effective, I am always looking for natural ways to BE healthy, hence the new focus on wellness, rather than illness care.

I am not an expert on naturopathy or alternative methods, I simply allow parents to use what methods work best for them while always educating on proper nutrition and daily activity (yes, exercise!).  I know how great of an impact nutrition, exercise, and sleep have on our physical and mental health, so I will continue to search for the best options for all of our families!

Speaking of families, thats me and mine above.  My wife Zoe (rhymes with Joe) wears many hats:  Mom, Wife, Marketer, Realtor (got a house to sell or buy?), CrossFit Coach, Volunteer, Founder of Kid Fit Foundation and much more!  Our 3 children are Alexis, Ellyn, and Oscar.  All I can say is, WOW, how i love them all!!

Then, there is me.  Here is a list of what I do: (Proud) Dad, Husband, Doctor, Founder of Ideal Pediatrics and Whole Child Pediatrics, Founder of Helmets First, Medical Director of Life Network of Southern Illinois, and I created Lydexar and Zoe CBD products.

I hope you love what we are doing.  I'm here to learn and provide the best care possible, so please share your thoughts, likes, and dislikes with me!